Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    the role and function of parliaments in making of foriegn policy            0000-00-00
2    The Necessity of Establishment of the School of Big Khorasan in Political Sciences:Identification and Distinguishing of Political Sciences in the Various Universities of Iran            0000-00-00
3    Evaluation and Estimation of the Multilateral Contents of the Concept of the National Interests            0000-00-00
4    Evaluation and Estimation of the Multiple Contents in the 13 Concepts of the Article 115 of the Islamic Republic of Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Constitution            0000-00-00
5    The Link Between Geopolitical Code / Genome and Foreign Policy: Iran and the Neighbuors            0000-00-00
6    Constitution in the Constitutional Treatises            0000-00-00
7    the survey of the hdeologic functions    M.Sc.    khosravi, soodeh    2010-11-02
8    The survey of the necessities of the Reconstruction period for the building up of processing the doctrine of Omm-ol- Qura in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran    M.Sc.    sayadi, hadi    2010-11-02
9    the couses of the rise and fall of Qajarieh based on approach of Asabiat(IbnKhaldoon)    M.Sc.    zargari, hasan    2010-12-13
10    An Examination of the Conceptual Relationship between Soroosh\    M.Sc.    habibzade, gasem    2011-01-22
11    survey of elits,rol in Afghanistan modernization    M.Sc.    Qaumi, Mohammad Daoud    2011-02-05
12    the comparing survey of the theory of political system:constitutional revolution and islamic revolution    M.Sc.    monshizadegan, arash    2011-03-09
13    The effect of variables in determining Iran\\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    mohammadi gomari, saeid    2011-12-13
14    Orientation, Role, Interest, in The Ali Akbar Imam khomeyni s speech and writing.    M.Sc.    Raei, Fahimeh    2011-12-27
15    The orientation, the national roles, and objectives of foreign policy in the words and writings of Ayatullah sayyid Ali Khamenei.    M.Sc.    jafarzade bahabadi, hossein    2012-03-05
16    Effect of structur modern state on weblike socity in first Pahlavi era; based on Joel Migdals pattern    M.Sc.    abbasi shahkooh, mahdi    2012-04-17
17    A Comparative Study of the Characteristics of Legal and States in Kaveh and Qanoon Newspapers.Orderly    M.Sc.    javanmard, samira    2012-05-15
18    The comparing of role of transnational factors in state building process in Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Fasihi, Abulfazl    2012-06-22
19    An Investigation of Similarities and Dissimilarities in the Treatises of Advocates of the Constitutionalism (from the three Perspectives: Desirable Situation, Outcast Situation, and the Way of Transformation)    M.Sc.    Delavari, Mohammad    2013-02-18
20    Survey of the Effect of “ Position Maximalising” in the Creation Russia\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Soft Balancing policy toward America from the End of Cold War to 2012    M.Sc.    soleimanipour, zahra    2013-03-02
21    The Survey of the Breaking of the Iran’s Neutrality in the First World War Documentary Analysis with using a constructed pattern based on the Mixing of International Relations and International Law    M.Sc.    bornah, farzaneh    2013-03-05
22    A review of the reasons of deferent foreign policy of Soviet Union towards Iran during two period of the negative balance policy (1952-1953) and the positive nationalism policy (1953-1962)    M.Sc.    Moradi, Abdollah    2013-04-30
23    The Survey of the Features of the U.S. Public Diplomacy Towards China 2001-2012 (The Periods of G.W. Bush\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s and Obama\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Presidency)    M.Sc.    Farkhondeh, Ayoub    2013-04-30
24    The compare of the reasoning of the emerging the dissimilar consequences of the Functions of the Iran’s State after the two coup 1921 and 1953    M.Sc.    rafati, mohammad    2013-05-01
25    A Review of the Ruler’s Morality and Political Virtue in Imam Ali’s Nahj al-Balagha    M.Sc.    haeri, majede    2013-05-07
26    The Investigation of the effect of the Liberal Democratic Doctrine on the Writing Process and the Contents of the 8th Constitution of the Political History of Afghanistan    M.Sc.    bahoosh fardaghi, mahmood    2013-07-06
27    Investigation of the Effect of the Contents of Social Capital on the Awareness of the Fundamental Rights(Case study survey: students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    shahriari, Aboalghasem    2013-07-06
28    Frequency and Orientation of Elements of Foreign Policy in the Social Science Textbooks of High School Period    M.Sc.    payesteh, dariush    2013-11-06
29    A Comparative Study of Seyed Mohammad Khatami’s and Hassan Rouhani’s Political Views    M.Sc.    Azadvar, Razieh    2014-01-20
30    The discourse analysis of xenophobia interpretive repertoires in The shah's Speech (1357-1342) Based on Harry Potter and wetherell    M.Sc.    KHOSH RAFTAR, MEHDI    2014-01-26
31    Reviewing attitudes toward to Western Civilization in Constitutional treatises    M.Sc.    moradi daloee, faezeh    2014-02-02
32    study of americanology inclinations in tehran universities' post revolution doctoral theses of political science and international relations    M.Sc.    Sharif Rohani, Ehsan    2014-04-27
33    The impat of Iraq's ethnic and religious policies on the continuation of differences among Iraqi ethnic and religious groups (1920-2014)    M.Sc.    tashakkorizadeh, saeed    2014-07-02
34    Futurology of the Federalism of Iraq    M.Sc.    Aghajari, MohammadSadegh    2014-09-06
35    Rule of the Health Tourism on the Image Making of the Islamic Republic of Iran in other countriesCase study: Razavi Hospital of Mashhad    M.Sc.    mottaghinejad, mostafa    2014-09-16
36    Studying Central-Asian Status in Iran-Russia Relationship    M.Sc.    hashemi, mohammad reza    2014-12-08
37    Survey of the Social and Intellectual Origins of the Absence of the Federalism in the Drafting of the Afghanistan’s New Constitution    M.Sc.    hashemi, sedighe    2015-02-03
38    Critical stylist of pertain adolescent fictions in 80 descend(80s)    Ph.D    eramiavval, sima    2015-02-06
39    Quantitative Study and Qualitative Analysis of Quadruple Aspects of National Interest in the Debates of the Sixth Islamic Consultative Assembly    M.Sc.    Mohebbi, Mahmood    2015-02-10
40    The Investigation of the Conditions of the Presidential Candidates due to the Article 115 of the Iran’s Constitution    M.Sc.    khosravi, mohsen    2015-02-10
41    content analysis of the international atomic energy agency resolutionson on irans nuclear program 2003-2005,2005-2007    M.Sc.    mohamadzadegan khouei, arash    2015-02-22
42    The construction of P5+1 identity in the course of the nuclear negotiations (Case study: Iran newspaper 2003-2013)    M.Sc.    jafari, mohammad    2015-06-23
43    Studying the role of I.R.I Medical Diplomacy in National Image Making : Red crescent activities in Afghanistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan    M.Sc.    Shirdel, Malek Bahman    2015-12-22
44    Comparative Study of the Characteristics of International Environment and Foreign Policy in the Economic Development of South Korea and Malaysia (1980-2010)    M.Sc.    Aghaei Mezerji, Reza    2016-04-26
45    Studying the results of regional power maximizing by I .R .Iran and Saudi Arabia on their bilateral relations.(2003-2016)    M.Sc.    Darvishi Bahloli, Yones    2016-04-26
46    The Contextual Analysis of Persian Metafictions    Ph.D    sangi, narges    2016-05-25
47    Study of Opportunities and Challenges of Afghanistan’s Membership into World Trade Organization    M.Sc.    Qayomi, Mohammad saber    2016-07-01
48    The Role of Regional Powers (Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) on the Failure of Arab Spring in Syria    M.Sc.    makari mejriki, mosalreza    2016-07-12
49    A Study of Ethnic and Religious Policies of Syrian Governments on Ethnic and Religious Relations in the Country from the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire to 2015    M.Sc.    davtalabsoodkhor, Ali    2016-08-17
50    Investigating the reasons for republican failure in the process of converting the constitutional government to the absolute government based an debates of national assembly (1-5)    M.Sc.    VAHIDI, SAEED    2017-02-14
51    study of the interior fields in the for mation of crisis in Iran’s relations with Iraq(1975-1980)    M.Sc.    marzani, HOSSEYN    2017-03-12
52    The impossibility and Possibility of an agreement on Iran's nuclear program comparison Three presidential Periods (Khatami, Ahmadinejad and Rouhani).    M.Sc.    akbari, zahra    2017-05-02
53    Representation of The Political in Iran’s Constitutionalism Process    M.Sc.    afrashteh, morteza    2017-05-16
54    survey of internal Elements determines political behavior in Afghanistan(1973_2001)    M.Sc.    taheri sharifi, mostafa    2017-06-20
55    Review the reform of the traditional state into constitutional state during the first constitutional parliament in iran    M.Sc.    kiyani tighab, HAMID    2017-07-01
56    The Reasons and Roots of the Inconsistency in Islamists' Confrontation Manners with Pahlavi’s Government (1963-1979)    M.Sc.    golsorkhi ghamsari, hadi    2017-07-24
57    The Backgrounds of Malfunctioning of Elections in the Political System of Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Sharifi, Ahmad Saaid    2017-09-26
58    The Reason of two Kinds of the Confrontation with Foreigners Xenophobia of Qajar and Alienation of Islamic Republic    M.Sc.    Ghaffari Moghaddam, Ehsan    2017-10-17
59    Historical Trend Analysis and Future of Federalism of Iraq    M.Sc.    budaghi, jamal    2018-06-10
60    The Role of Formal and Informal Structures in the Decision-making Process in Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan    M.Sc.    hadi, sayed hussain    2018-06-10